The Painting of 'TOBY'
A selection of pix in the painting of C-FTOB for Wardair, inside the Wardair hangar at Toronto International (YYZ).



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day one

C-FTOB arrives from Air Canada in 1986 with distinct signs of a recent lease to Nigeria for the 'HADJ' operation as EI-BRE.

a mess

The paint now all removed, the task at hand is to clean and prime the fuselage for the painting process.

white aft section

With white paint being applied in sections, others are being primed ready for there turn for the white. It's a great view point.

wardair freighter

Looks nice as freighter! The windows at this point are still masked over as other finishing touches are made. 'Toby' was now a Wardair aircraft. 



Work starts on 'Toby' to remove all paint from the fuselage. The old Air Canada titles become visible once again.

no paint

Again, we go up to the heater platform for a better view of 'Toby' showing all the paint removed.

masked out name

From the same vantage point, we now see the new white paint is now dry for masking the Wardair titles.

looking good

Now that looks more like it. The make shift screening has been removed to reveal a sister ship in on check. C-FTOB retained the Air Canada fleet number 302.


stripping 2

From high in the Wardair hangar, a view from the heater platform shows to advantage the big task ahead. Plastic has been added to stop the over spray.

white tail

With the tail all painted white and looking very nice, a section of the fuselage is now primed ready for the white.

applying the red stripe

The red appears for the first time, but has to be rubbed down. Mr. Ward was not happy with the finish, that it had to be re-done.


Wow, look at that shine! Mr. Ward was very particular with the under fuselage being natural metal. You would never see this dull on any aircraft for very long.