Just Military

A general mix of military aircraft that I have encountered.



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135120  CH-135 Twin Huey  of  424 Squadron at YYZ on 2 February 1995 Canadian Armed Forces

sea vixen

XJ482  Sea Vixen FAW1 of 766 Squadron at RNAS Lee in July 1970 Royal Navy


89-0274    RC-12N Huron of 224BN(AE) at Hamilton on 14 June 96 United States Army


15003 CC-150 Polaris of 437 Squadron at London Ont. on 3 June 94 Canadian Armed Forces


954  C-130H Hercules of unknown Squadron at London Ont. on 6 June 97 Royal Norwegian Air Force

chinook hc2

ZA713 Chinook HC2 of 18 Squadron at  Shoreham  -  28  August 2004 Royal Air Force



CS-03   HS748 Andover at Farnborough in September 1976      Belgian AF


37+92    Phantom F-4F    of  JG74 at Hamilton   on  14  June 1996  Luftwaffe


XL502 Gannet AEW3 of an unknown Squadron at Duxford on 29 June 1975 Royal Navy


01    MIG-29C   Fulcrum     at    CFB Trenton on 27 June 1992  Ukraine Air Force


N-706 C-54A Skymaster at Keflavik from inside Laker 707 in May 1975 Royal Danish Air Force

auster aop9

XR244 Auster AOP9 of the AAC Historic Flight at Biggin - 18 Sept 2004 Army Air Corps



XT876  Phantom FG1 of 799 Squadron at RAF Bentwaters 1970 Royal Navy


6596    HH-65A Dolphin   from Detroit at Toronto in Sept 1995  United States Coast Guard


86-0821    F-117A Nighthawk    of 9FS 49FW at Hamilton on 14 June 96 United States Air Force


XD243    Scimitar F1K    of  800 Squadron at RNAS Lee in July 1970 Royal Navy


XG789 Gannet AS4  at  the Moorabbin Air Museum, NSW in July 1987 Royal Australian Navy

tornado f3

ZG770  Tornado F3 of  43 Squadron at Biggin Hill - 18 September 2004 Royal Air Force