Wait A Minute, That's Not...
Carriers with a confused identity! They are not in their normal colours for one reason or another due to leases etc.



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CanAir 330

C-FLAC Can Air Sorts 330 still wearing it's former Lamb Air colours at Toronto - 3 March 1994

Canadian 737

C-FEPL Canadian 737-2E1 in EPA final colours after it's merger into Canadian at Toronto - September 1987

Transair 737

C-FTAN Transair 737-2A9C after merging with PWA was a surprise at Toronto - 10 January 1979

Odyessey 737

C-FGHT Odyssey 737-3S3 on lease from Air Europe. Odyssey went under before it flew - YYZ 17 December 1989

Royal 737

C-FJLT Royal Cargo 737-275 purchased from Canair Cargo. This 37 was much traveled - YYZ February 1998


PWA 737

C-FPWE PWA 737-3Y0 on winter lease from Monarch outside the Wardair hangar at Toronto - Dec 1986

Air Canada TriStar

C-FTNA Air Canada L1011 wearing Eastern colours for it's joint ops at Edmonton - 15 Aug 1978

ABC Argosy

G-APRN ABC Argosy still wearing it's earlier colours of Universal at Gatwick - January 1974

Vacationair 737

G-UKLB Vacationair 737-4Y0 on lease from Air UK. Vacationair also went under before it flew - YYZ 4 December 1989

Nationair 757

G-BPEB Nationair 757-236 returning off a winter lease from Caledonian - YYZ 18 March 1992


Air Creebec 748

C-GGNZ Air Creebec 748-272-2A in basic Air Ontario marks seen at Toronto Int'l - 6 September 1992

Helicopter Transport S61N

N91158 Helicopter Trans S61N in the movies as a Presidential VIP VH-3D at Toronto (YYZ) - June 1998

Torontair FH227

C-GNDI Torontair FH-227B on lease from Nordair. (final colours) at Toronto Int'l (YYZ) - 26 April 1986

Rousseau N262

F-BPNY Rousseau Aviation Nord 262 still in French Navy colours as were many at Gatwick 1971

Australian 727F

VH-TBS Australian 727-77C still wearing Air Nauru markings after lease - MEL 18 July 1987