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Airworthy Spitfires Album Part 01

TE184 Spitfire Mk XVI in Free French markings

TE184 [G-MXVI] a Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI in Free French markings - Photographed in the hangar at Duxford on 1st October 2004 © Caz Caswell

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 2004

Related Notes by Caz
Despite being on the Civil Register since 1989 this has, at least for me been a very elusive aircraft. Purchased by Nick Grace in 1977, but due his untimely death, no real restoration carried out, it was acquired by Myrick Aviation and after restoration and conversion to High Back Configuration by Trent Aviation it was registered as G-MXVI on 2nd February 1989, but didn't make it's first flight (for nearly 40 Years) until November 1990.

Sold to Alain de Cadenet in 1995 if made very occasional public appearances. But in 2001, disappeared into store at RAF Halton. Emerging for a single flight to Duxford on the 16th March 2004 and then moving into The Old Flying Machine Company Hangar 3. Here it remained, not so much a Hangar Queen, but more a Museum Exhibit and it was in this Hangar the above photograph was taken on 1st October 2004.

Sold to Paul Andrews on the 10th October 2006 TE184 [G-MXVI] has been totally restored and converted back to the original configuration. On the 2nd of February 2009 TE184 [G-MXVI] was given Permit to Fly. On the 20th of February 2009 TE184 made its first post-restoration flight.

For a much more detailed and complete History of TE184 [G-MXVI] see:
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