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Ex RCAF Mustang Warbirds Part 01

9269 Mustang - In 'adapted' USAAF Markings

9269 North American Mustang TF Mk IV [P-51D-30-NA - USAAF BuNo 44-74832] N6310T in 'adapted' USAAF Markings. - Picture taken at the Hamilton International Air Show on 21st June 1980.

Photograph and © Caz Caswell © 1989-2010

Related Notes by Caz
9269 North American Mustang TF Mk IV [P-51D-30-NA - USAAF BuNo 44-74832] - Brought on Charge (BOC) 10th January 1951. Operated with Royal Canadian Air Force 442 (Auxiliary) Squadron at RCAF station Sea Island, British Columbia.
Struck off charge (SOC) 1st November 1960 being sold to James Defuria and then briefly registered as CF-MWT, before being registered in the USA as N6310T. In 1961 ownership transferred to Clyde Werner.

In 1968 new owner Bill Allen had the Aircraft painted in an RCAF scheme, before selling it to Buddy Bryan in 1969.
Buddy Bryan and 9269 flew 300 Hours together, before he sold it to Max Hoffman in 1971.
Its next move was in 1976 and Gerald Konig, but was back with Max Hoffman in 1978 and given the name Boomer.
In 1980 ownership passed to Ward Wilkins and it was during this period the above photograph was taken.

One year later whilst owned by Gary Norton, the Aircraft was destroyed in a Hangar fire. So that ends the story of 9269 BuNo 44-74832? Not quite!

The remains then passed to Mick Rupp in 1983 and by 1985 much of what was left of 9269 BuNo 44-74832 was incorporated into BuNo 45-11453. As N551MR 45-11453/44-74832 continued flying until 1996, when heavily damaged by fire on Landing.

In 2003 remains purchased and then restored by Jack Rouch and in 2007 the Aircraft was registered as Airworthy to Tim McPherson. So although 9269 is no more its spirit lives on!

Photographed at the Hamilton International Air Show on 17th June 1989

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