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Ex RCAF Mustang Warbirds Part 01

9255 Mustang N3580 - The Jack Hovey Mustang

9255 North American Mustang TF Mk IV [P-51D-20-NA - USAAF BuNo 44-74602] N3580. - Pictured possibly at Reno Nevada where it often races probably in 2002 - Copyright Curtis Fowles of the MustangsMustangs Website and used with permission - Picture 2 of 2.

Copyright Curtis Fowles - MustangsMustangs Website with Permission.

Related Notes by Caz
For RCAF Service see: 9255 Mustang Picture 1 Notes
In 1960 Sold to James Defuria and registered N6318T. But in 1961 transferred ownership to Robert King. In 1963, the Aeroplane began a new career under the ownership of C.E Crosby as a modified Racing Aircraft, after being registered as N35N. During this period the Aircraft was named 'Mr. Choppers' and flew with the Race number 3 in an all black paint scheme.

In 1967 came into the ownership of Jack Hovey and was re-registered N3580. Initially the Aircraft retained Black as the primary paint scheme, but with a Red Spinner, a Silver Rudder and Race Number 2 in Yellow. In 1980 a complete repaint was carried out. The scheme adopted was a Royal Air Force Roundel and Desert Camouflage, with the spurious Code H-MP (Initials of Hovey Machine Parts, Jack Hovey's Company). At time of writing (late 2010) the aircraft is still owned by Jack Hovey and retains the RAF Desert Scheme.

One interesting aside is that Bob Love raced this Aircraft on Jack Hovey's behalf at Reno, each year from 1978 to 1986.

There is a slight mystery about where and when the above Photograph was taken, it is assumed to be Reno and believed to have been taken in 2002. Copyright resides with Curtis Fowles of the MustangsMustangs Website and has been republished here with permission.

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