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Ex RCAF Mustang Warbirds Part 01

9235 Mustang in USAAF's 336FS/4FG Marks

9235 North American Mustang P-51D-30-NA [USAAF BuNo 44-74506] in the authentic markings of the USAAF's 336FS/4FG named Donald on display at the Royal Air Force Museum Hendon - Photographed at RAFM Hendon in August 2005 (Picture 2 of 2) - © Caz Caswell

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 2005-2010

Related Notes by Caz
9235 North American Mustang TF Mk IV [P-51D-30-NA - USAAF BuNo 44-74409] - Brought on Charge (BOC) 6th December 1950. Operated by both 403 Auxiliary Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force from RCAF station Calgary and 402 Auxiliary Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force from RCAF station Stevenson Field (Winnipeg).

Struck of Charge (SOC) 1st November 1960 and sold as N6319T. Promised to the Royal Air Force Museum in 2003 by Robert Tullius, who made the last flight in the Aircraft on the 2nd September 2003 before formally Donating Mustang 9235 to the RAFM. Arrived at the Museum in November 2003 and once reassembled place on a rotating display platform in the then brand new Milestones of Flight Building.

The Aircraft has retained the authentic markings of the US Army Air Force's 336FS/4FG with the named Donald (the Personal Aircraft of Capt Donald R. Emerson when he was with the unit).

Photographed in the Milestones of Flight Building of the Royal Air Force Museum Hendon August 2005.

The previous page shows the Same Aircraft in 1997 being flown by Robert Tullius in the same Markings as it has in the RAFM Hendon:

RAFM Individual History of North American P-51D 44-74409/RCAF9235 in PDF Format
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