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Cecil Field Hornets Part 2

161924 McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing F/A-18B Hornet
VFA-106 the Gladiators FRU (Fleet Replacement Unit)

161924 McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing F/A-18B Hornet of VFA-106 the Gladiators FRU (Fleet Replacement Unit) - 25 August 1993 - Album: Cecil Field Hornets Part 2 - © Cax Casewll

Cecil Field Naval Air Station Florida 25 August 1993
Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1993

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VFA-106 the Gladiators are a Fleet Replacement Unit training crews on the Hornet either from rookie, or transitioning those with other fast jet experience onto the F/A-18.
As the Unit has to prepare Crews for the Operational Squadrons it includes all the Hornet Versions in the current operational inventory.

Squadron Link:
USN Squadron VFA-106 the Gladiators - Wikipedia Entry

For the background to the two Cecil Field Hornet Albums and links to more information on Cecil Field Naval Air Station and the McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing F/A-18 Hornet See: Album Notes on Cecil Field Hornets Part 1 & 2

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