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The United States Navy LTV A-7 Corsair II Album Index

Slideshow and Pictures 1 to 3
Slideshow of: The United States Navy LTV A-7 Corsair II Album
USN LTV A-7 Album - Slideshow
160562 AG:401 A-7E of VA-12 The Flying Ubangis, also known as The Clinchers
160562 A-7E of VA-12
157586 AC:300 A-7E Corsair II of VA-15 The Valions
157586 A-7E of VA-15
159996 AE:305 A-7E of VA-37 The Bulls
159996 A-7E of VA-37

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Pictures 4 to 7
160714 AA:403 A-7E of VA-81 The Sunliners; also known as The Zappers
160714 A-7E of VA-81
160867 AA:304 A-7E of VA-83 The Rampagers
160867 A-7E of VA-83
157492 AJ:405 A-7E of VA-86 The Sidewinders
157492 A-7E of VA-86
159659 AE:403 A-7E of VA-87 The Golden Warriors
159659 A-7E of VA-87

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Pictures 8 to 11
158673 AC:402 A-7E of VA-105 The Gunslingers
158673 A-7E of VA-105
153242 AF:310 A-7A of VA-203 The Blue Dolphins
153242 A-7A of VA-203
154481 AB:305 A-7B of VA-46 The Clansman
154481 A-7B of VA-46
160552 AC:400 A-7E of VA-72 The Blue Hawks
160552 A-7E of VA-72

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Pictures 12 to 15
156745 AJ:312 A-7C of VA-82 The Marauders
156745 A-7C of VA-82
154552 AF:401 A-7B of VA-204 The River Rattlers
154552 A-7B of VA-204
160721 NL:316 A-7E of VA-22 The Fighting Redcocks
160721 A-7E of VA-22
156816 NK:407 A-7E of VA-27 The Royal Maces
156816 A-7E of VA-27

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Pictures 16 to 19
153248 NF:404 A-7A of VA-56 The Champions
153248 A-7A of VA-56
153220 NM:311 A-7A of VA-153 The Blue Tailed Flies
153220 A-7A of VA-153
153190 ND:321 A-7A of VA-303 The Golden Hawks
153190 A-7A of VA-303
154354 ND:507 A-7A of VA-305 The Lobos
154354 A-7A of VA-305

All Photographs are Copyright of Michel van Klaveren

Michel van Klaveren's Phantom Site:
Phabulous Phantom - McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Banner and Link

Album Notes & Links

Caz and the A-7 Problem     The Michel van Klaveren solution     Album Related Links

Caz and the A-7 Problem:
The Ling-Temco-Vought A-7 Corsair II is my favourite Aircraft (DIH Aside for favourite read: obsessed and enthralled) and in addition I have great interest in United States Navy Air Squadrons.

What I didn't have were any good photographs of the A-7 and I knew that time was running out to get them. The US Navy had been gradually retiring the Aircraft from Squadron Service since the mid-1980's and the last operational Squadrons were due to retire the aircraft in 1991. So through contacts I arranged a visit to the Naval Air Station at Cecil Field in the autumn of 1990.

But this was not to be, Iraq invaded Kuwait and US Forces began to ramp up operations and deployments as they cycled from peace to war. So obviously my trip was postponed until after hostilities had ceased, and the deployed aircraft returned home.

The last two fully operational A-7E squadrons aboard the USS John F. Kennedy went to war. USN Corsair II's had first seen combat in Vietnam in 1967 and had been involved in various smaller scale operations ever since, now 23 years after the types first baptism of fire and in the twilight of its career it was to take another generation of crews into harms way.

When Operation Desert Shield changed to Desert Storm the A-7E Corsair IIs of VA-46 and VA-72 flew the types last strike missions and assisted other missions by providing in-flight refueling.

When the Aircraft did return home in May 1991, they were almost immediately retired. Although I did make the postponed visit to Cecil Field in December 1991(and indeed a further two: September 1992 and August 1993), all Corsair's had been moved off to the AMARC (Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center) , and had been replaced in service by FA-18 Hornets. The pictures from these visits form two separate Albums:
Cecil Field Hornets Part 1 and Cecil Field Hornets Part 2 Plus extensive combined
Album Notes for: Cecil Field Hornets Parts 1 & 2

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The Michel van Klaveren solution:
I still didn't have any really good pictures of the Corsair II! Fortunately I knew someone who did, enter my very good friend Michel van Klaveren a Dutchman with a very British sense of Humour, who probably has 35mm slides of every LTV A-7 Corsair II in his collection. He passed on a selection of these and the major gap in my collection was filled.

When I was considering my first website, I decided that I would NOT use other photographers pictures, but whilst this is still in general a rule, there are occasional exceptions in some of the themed albums.

But the Corsair is my favourite Aircraft and I just had to have an Album dedicated to it, preferably of those Aircraft that had served with the US Navy. To achieve this I had to not just bend the No other Photographer rule, but break it completely and ask Michel to help (again).

Fortunately Michel's favourite Aircraft is the Phantom and he has a website dedicated to it, so with no conflict of interest, He very kindly gave me permission to use some more of his excellent photographs from his collection on my site and the result is this album.

Addenda At the time of writing Michel is seriously ill and spent much time in Hospital and even when at home he has been very much under Doctors Orders. But this has not dented his sense of Humour, or ability to wind me up.

So get well soon Mate!
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Tail codes that start with the letter 'A' are from the east coast units, while 'N' is for west coast units.
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