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Beverley C1 Album Part 2

XL131 Beverley C1 with 47 Squadron Crest
Stored at Bicester 24th December1967

XL131 Beverley C1 with 47 Squadron Crest stored at Bicester on the 24th December 1967 - Photograph: Robin A Walker published with Permission - Blackburn Beverley Album Part 2 © Caz Caswell 2010

Photograph: Robin A Walker © 1967-2010

Picture Notes & Links
XL131 had its first flight on 23rd May 1957 and Assigned to 30 squadron in the August, then onto Eastleigh in the October.

XM108 hit 131 while parked at Khormaksar on 8th January 1961 but was soon repaired and back in service the following month. A much more serious incident occurred on 22nd September 1961 when a bomb exploded on board and blew a hole in the fuselage side while on a flight from Kuwait to Muharraq.

It is also reported to have had a flying accident on 15th November 1961 and returned top Blackburn's, but I have not found any additional information.

It finally left 30 squadron on being reassigned to 47 Squadron on 1st May 1964, and eventually became an Non Effective Airframe (NEA) on the 22nd October 1967. Being sold as scrap to BKL on 29th August 1969.

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