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Beverley C1 Album Part 2

XL130 Beverley C1 with 84 Squadron Spade Insignia at Bicester
on 24th December 1967. With Tail Boom of XL131

XL130 Beverley C1 with 84 Squadron Spade Insignia at Bicester December 24th 1967 Awaiting the Scrap Man (with Tail Boom of XL131) - Photograph: Robin A Walker published with Permission - Blackburn Beverley Album Part 2 © Caz Caswell 2010

Photograph: Robin A Walker © 1967-2010

Picture Notes & Links
XL130 with a first flight April 27th 1957 was passed to 30 squadron 3 months later. In July 1960 reassigned to 242 OCU, remaining on the OCU strength until it was disbanded.

XL130 was then positioned to Muharraq for 30 squadron on March 1967, but its stay was only brief as it was then moved to 84 squadron in July 1967.

But with the run down of the Beverley fleet, XL130 was soon declared an Non Effective Airframe (NEA) on November 18th 1967 and sold as scrap to BKL Alloys August 29th 1969.

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