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Beverley C1 Album Part 2

XM109 Beverley C1 of 84 Squadron on Abu Dhabi Airstrip 1958

XM109 Beverley C1 of 84 Squadron on Abu Dhabi Airstrip 1958 - Photograph: Caz Caswell Collection - Blackburn Beverley Album Part 2 © Caz Caswell 2010

Photograph: Caz Caswell Collection © 1958-2010

Picture Notes & Links
XM109 had its first flight on February 26th 1958 and was issued to 84 squadron 3 months later. Used by 53 squadron detachment in the Gulf late 1958, it then underwent a major service, not returning to 84 Squadron until July 1959.

Returned to the UK twice for Modifications and refurbishment, the second trip being to 32 MU in 1965, when the Aircraft was camouflaged, each time returning to 84 Squadron.

XM109 Suffered a Cat 3, bird strike near Habilayn on 21st November 1966, but returned to service in January 1967. But its time with 84 Squadron was nearly over and the Aircraft was transferred to 30 Squadron in July. XM109's Career ended on the 18th September 1967 when declared NEA (Non Effective Airframe).Sold as scrap to BKL on 25th March 1970. For more information onThe Blackburn Beverley See: Beverley Main Album Notes:
The Blackburn B-101 Beverley

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