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Beverley C1 Album Part 1

XB290 Beverley C1 at Odiham while with the
Abingdon wing on 7th September 1961

XB290 Beverley C1 at Odiham while with the Abingdon wing on 7th September 1961 - Photograph by Robin A Walker and reproduced with Permission - Beverley Album 1 © Caz Caswell 2010

Photographic Copyright Robin A Walker © 1961-2010

Picture Notes & Links
XB290 took to the air on 7th September 1956 and delivered to 53 squadron the following month, and was assigned to the Abingdon Wing shared Fleet in 1958.

The Aircraft suffered a minor ground accident that same year (1958), after repair XB290 returned to the Abingdon Wing and was then positioned in Cyprus due to the Lebanon crisis. On its return continued its general service operations.

In June 1962 the Aircraft was assigned to 242 OCU, returning to operational service with 47 squadron in October 1963.

On 6th December 1967 XB290 together with XB269 participated in a formation flypast over Upavon on route to 27 Maintenance Unit (MU)at Shawbury to be declared NEA (Non Effective Airframe the following day.

XB290 lingered at Shawbury until sold as scrap on 25th March 1970 to BKL

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