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Beverley C1 Album Part 1

XB259 Beverley C1 of the Royal Aeronautical Establishment
Flying at the SBAC show at Farnborough on the 8th September 1963

XB259 Beverley C1 of the RAE (Royal Aeronautical Establishment) flying at the SBAC show at Farnborough on the 8th September 1963 - Photograph by Robin A Walker and reproduced with Permission - Beverley Album 1 © Caz Caswell 2010

Photographic Copyright Robin A Walker © 1963-2010

Picture Notes & Links
XB259 was the first production Beverley and first flew on January 29th 1955. It was retained by Blackburn's for a number of years before passing to the Royal Aeronautical Establishment (RAE) at Farnborough, where it formed part of the RAE Fleet for the Next 20 Years and was one of only two Beverley's never to see Operational Service with the RAF.

In the Photograph above XB259 is flying with the rear Clamshell Doors removed for Air Dropping. This was a common configuration for Beverley's on operations, when either resupplying troops in locations where landing was impossible, or when a full load of paratroops was being carried.

When retired from RAE Service the Aircraft was bought by Court Line and this change of ownership was the start of many trials and tribulations for XB259, where on occasions it was days away from being scrapped. Yet it survived and in 2010 XB259 is the only complete Beverley in existence and is currently a display exhibit at the: Fort Paull Museum , Paull Village, East Yorkshire, UK.

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