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The Mishaps, Derelicts & Restorations Album

VP-FBQ de Havilland Canada DHC-7 of the British Antarctic Survey
being pushed back into Field Aviation's Number 3 Hangar

VP-FBQ de Havilland Canada DHC-7 of the British Antarctic Survey being pushed back in to Field Aviation's Number 3 Hangar - 1992

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1992-2011

Related Notes and Links
VP-FBQ  DHC-7  of British Antarctic Surveys was being pushed back in to Field's hangar 3 for further mods when this incident took place. In order to clear the low entrance of this Hnagar, BQ is tilted on it's purpose built tow bar (also used for DHC-8 aircraft).

But on this occasion, during the maneuvering, the Tug pushing the Aircraft into the Hangar had to perform a sharper than normal turn to straighten the Aircraft as it moved under the entrance and into the Hangar space; at this point the Tow Bar twisted and one of the Tow Bars outrigger wheels punched a hole in the fuselage just above and forward of the Nose wheel! But this also caused the Tilt to come off the Aircraft and the Tail headed for the ceiling, just missing two Hangar Roof Beams (which would have caused major structural damage. post incident investigation estimated that hitting the beams could have resulted in a possible right-off) instead the tail only managed to destroy a light fitting!

I have never heard the hangar so quiet...

For more on this incident and details of the modifications, both planned and carried out, see a Post Modification picture: VP-FBQ in overall Red Scheme 23rd September 1992 and Related Notes

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