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Airshows 2008 - Part 2

42-19993/G-CEJU Bell P-39Q Airacobra Brooklyn Bum 2nd
in the markings of the 82nd TRS part of the 71st TRG USAAF

42-19993/G-CEJU Bell P-39Q Airacobra now restored in the markings of the 82nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS) of the 71st Tactical Reconnaissance Group (TRG) - Flying Legends Show at Duxford 13th July 2008 - Airshows 2008 Part 2 © Caz Caswell 2008

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 2008
Flying Legends Show at Duxford 13th July 2008

Related Notes & Links
P-39Q-6-BE, construction number 26E-397, USAAF serial number 42-19993, was built at Bell's main plant in Buffalo and delivered to the Army Air Force on 8 June 1943.

After acceptance, preparation and partial dismantlement this Aircraft along with other P-39Q-6-BE Aircraft was shipped to New Guinea.

On arrival, 42-19993 was reassembled, check flown and then ferried to Dobodura and the Fifth Air Force Command, who assigned 42-19993 to 82nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS), one of four squadrons which made up the 71st Tactical Reconnaissance Group (TRG).

The squadron assigned 42-19993 to Lt Peter McDermott with Squadron Engineering Officer Capt James Parks and Crew Chief Sgt James W O'Mara keeping the Aircraft Flying. Peter McDermott chose the name 'Brooklyn Bum 2nd' and the Aircraft was given it nose art with that name and those of the Pilot and technical crew.

For the next year 42-19993 piloted by Peter McDermott flew combat missions against the Japanese, but by September 1944 the Squadron was phasing out its war weary Airacobra Aircraft for newly delivered P-40s.

Along with its brethren, 42-19993 was ferried to the 110th TRS at Tadji, for cannibalization to keep that units P-39s operational. On the 21 May 1945 42-19993 was stricken from charge, but physically remained parked in the long grass at Tadji.

Fast forward to 1974 and the sad remains of 42-19993 are recovered from Tadji and shipped to New Zealand for static restoration. It was displayed in various locations in New Zealand and Australia until 1989 when sold and shipped to Florida. In 1992 it was bought by the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, California and the static restoration upgraded. But in 1994 the Aircraft was bought by The Fighter Collection and sent to Fighter Rebuilders at Chino, California for what turned out to be a decade long rebuild to Airworthy condition.

The first post-restoration flight was on 17 June 2004 at Chino, after some more test flying the Aircraft was readied for to shipment to Britain. On arrival and reassembly, the Aircraft was cleared to perform at the 2004 Flying Legends at Duxford on the 8th July.

The Aircraft remains part of The Fighter Collection Warbird Fleet. For more detail on 42-19993 see:
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The 'Flying Legends' show at Duxford is organised by:
The Fighter Collection
in association with the
Imperial War Museum Duxford

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