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Airshows 2008 - Part 1

VX927/G-ASYG Beagle Terrier 2
masquerading as a Military Auster T7

VX927/G-ASYG Beagle Terrier 2 masquerading as a Military Auster T7 - RAF Waddington 5th July 2008 - Airshows 2008 Part 1 © Caz Caswell 2008

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 2008
RAF Waddington 5th July 2008

Related Notes & Links
Auster Aircraft Limited were a major supplier of Air Observation Post (AOP) Aircraft to the Royal Air Force Army Cooperation Squadrons and later to the successor British Army Air Corp.

When the Auster AOP.9 began to replace the Auster AOP.6 in operational service, Auster bough back large numbers of the AOP.6 Aircraft and re-engineered them for Civilian use.
The result being two distinct models, the Auster 6A Tugmaster optimised for Glider Towing, but also for light Utility Work and the Auster 6B a three seat touring Aircraft.

In 1960 Auster was subject to a initially complex consolidation of the Aviation design Interests of Pressed Steel, F.G.Miles and Auster with the result it became briefly Beagle-Auster and then Beagle Aircraft, although the Auster brand name was still used for some types.

One of the first results from the new company was a further rework of the Auster 6B to become the Beagle A.61 Terrier, which first flew in 1961.
While the first Terrier 1 Aircraft were being converted from AOP.6 Airframes the design office was making further modifications to the Terrier. So after 18 Terrier 1s were produced, production moved to the Terrier 2, of which 45 were built, including VX927/G-ASYG shown in the Photograph.

So where does the Auster T7 fit into this?
Well the Auster T7 was a dual control version of the Auster AOP.6 for pilot training. Unlike the AOP.6 these remained in service as the AOP.9 was phased in. VX927/G-ASYG represents a standard Auster T.7, but two Aircraft were modified for the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1966-1958 and designated Auster Antarctic. These aircraft had extra radio equipment, larger tail surfaces, the ability to be fitted with floats or skis as required and a bright orange finish to aid visibility.

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