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Airshows 2008 - Part 1

G-APSA Douglas DC-6A of Air Atlantique
in British Eagle Colours

G-APSA Douglas DC-6A of Air Atlantique in the Colours of British Eagle - Biggin Hill Air Fair 7th June 2008 - Airshows 2008 Part 1 © Caz Caswell 2008

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 2008
Biggin Hill Air Fair 7th June 2008

Related Notes & Links
G-APSA Douglas DC-6A of Air Atlantique looking splendid in its new coat of paint, which was applied not long before her appearance at Biggin.

Douglas DC-6A c/n 45497 was built in 1958 and appeared on the British Register on 12 February 1959 as owned by Maritime Central Airways (Canada) and then joined the British Eagle fleet on 28th July 1959. In early 1964 British Eagle International Airways Limited sold the Aircraft to Saudi Arabia and it disappeared from the British Register on 24th February 1964.

Almost exactly 23 Years later, G-APSA returned to the British Register on 13th February 1987 with Instone. On the 12th December 1997 it was registered to RVL Aviation and on the 3rd August 2007 was registered to Air Atlantique.

Douglas Holland adds:
2008 was significant as it was both the 50th Anniversary for Douglas DC-6A c/n 45497 which had spent over half its life on the British Register as G-APSA and also the 40th Anniversary of the demise of that once great airline, British Eagle.

I never worked for Eagle, Cunard Eagle, or British Eagle International (I was still at school in 1968), but I have tremendous affection for the Airline. When it shut down on the 12th November 1968, I was incredibly sad, this was replaced with teenage angst when I read that Labour MPs reacted to the news with joy.

I suspect this incident in Parliament is, at least in part is the reason for the early development of my lifelong cynicism for British Politics and Politicians.

G-APSA The Famous Classic Airliner - Air Atlantique Site Dedicated to the Aircraft

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