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Airshows 2007 - Part 2

42-100882/N473DC 'Drag-em-oot' Douglas C-47A
as 3X:P of the USAAF 87th Troop Carrier Squadron

5589/42-100882/N473DC 'Drag-em-oot' Douglas C-47A in the markings of 3X:P of the USAAF 87th Troop Carrier Squadron - Duxford 8 September 2007 - Airshows 2007 Part 2© Caz Caswell 2007

Duxford 8 September 2007
Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 2007

Related Notes & Links
A real WWII Veteran complete with the marks where bullets struck the Aircraft!

The markings are those of the Aircraft flown by Bill Allin (who got his wings in 1943) and was when he flew it, configured for Glider Towing, equipped with cable reel and snatch hook. The cable would catch the gliders and pull them into the air. Allin named the plane after the job it performed : 'Drag 'em oot". He also named an engine after his girlfriend back in the USA "Irene".

If an Aircraft could talk, then this one would have many interesting tales to tell.

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