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Royal Air Force Abingdon - 15th June 1968

RD867 Bristol Beaufighter TFX in 451 Squadron Markings

RD867 Bristol Beaufighter TFX in 451 Squadron Codes - Abingdon 15th June 1968 © Caz Caswell 1968-2010

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1968-2010

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Picture Notes & Links
RD867 Bristol Beaufighter TFX - seen wearing 451 Squadron codes. This to me is probably the saddest tale of all those in this album. RD867 was sent to Canada on 10 September 1969 in an exchange for a Bristol Bolingbroke.

The Canada Aviation Museum Canada Aviation Museum presently has the Beaufighter which was last photographed in the early 90's in open storage at Rockcliffe. It was still in open storage as late as 2003.

I was told: 'it was left outside as a gesture of disgust toward the RAF Museum, as it was delivered with no engines or cowlings, an the interior pretty much gutted'.

If this was the case, then it is a shame the way 'an organisation' reacted to a rare aircraft because they did not get all they expected.

Although now in the storage wing of the Museum, the extreme winters to the hot summers have made the Beaufighter look some what worse for wear.

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