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Airport Surprises of the 1970's to 1990's

161629 - UC-27 (Fairchild F.27F) of US Navy AUTEC
Palm Beach International Airport on 19 April 1984

161629 - UC-27 (Fairchild F.27F) of US Navy AUTEC st Palm Beach International Airport on 19 April 1984

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1984-2008

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Douglas Holland Writes:
This picture was a surprise, did the USN really operate Fokker/Fairchild Friendships?
The answer is 'sort of'!

The Aircraft in the picture is the single example of the Fairchild F27 operated for the USN by Imperial Aviation under the unofficial designation UC 27 with the military registration 161629.

The Aircraft started life as a standard Fairchild F.27A, but after modifications became F.27F on the civilian register as N1004
Whilst operated for the USN the Aircraft was used in various support roles, when the photograph was taken it was assigned to the Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC), where is spent most, if not all of the remainder of its USN Service

When the USN Contract ended it reverted to its civilian registration of N1004. In 2003 the Aircraft, now registered N127HP was in long term storage with Hawkins & Powers

Source: Ruud Leeuw's Excellent Site

Ruud has a page specifically on this aircraft: Fairchild F.27 - Serial 33 . Which contains detailed information on the Aircraft and its service with the USN, provided by: Charles E. 'Charlie' Snyder. From which I have shamelessly 'lifted' the above notes!

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