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The 2003 London Gatwick & London Heathrow Album

Slideshow and Pictures 1 to 3
Slideshow of: The 2003 London Gatwick and London Heathrow Album  ©Caz Caswell 2003-2009
2003 Gatwick & Heathrow Slideshow
5Y-VIP Airbus A310-304 of African Safari [ASA] - Gatwick on 07 July 2003
5Y-VIP Airbus A310-304
EI-DBE Fokker F100 of EU Jet - Gatwick on 07 July 2003
EI-DBE Fokker F100
G-JEBD Bae 146-300 of FlyBe - Gatwick on 07 July 2003.
G-JEBD Bae 146-300

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Pictures 4 to 7
G-SUEW Airbus A320-214 of My Travel Airways - Gatwick on 07 July 2003.
G-SUEW Airbus A320-214
C-GZUM Boeing 767-328 of Zoom Airlines - Gatwick on 31 August 2003.
C-GZUM Boeing 767-328
EI-BXD Boeing 737-448 in Aer Lingus - Heathrow on 04 October 2003.
EI-BXD Boeing 737-448
Close-up of G-BNLS Boeing 747-436 operated by British Airways - Heathrow on 04 October 2003.
G-BNLS Boeing 747-436

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Pictures 8 to 11
6Y-JMC Airbus A340-312 of Air Jamaica - Heathrow on 18 October 2003.
6Y-JMC Airbus A340-312
F-OGQQ Airbus A310-308 French registered operated by Aeroflot - Heathrow on 18 October 2003.
F-OGQQ Airbus A310-308
F-OMEA Airbus A330-243 French registered operated by Middle East Airlines (MEA) - Heathrow on 18 October 2003.
F-OMEA Airbus A330-243
G-BPED Boeing 757-236 of British Airways - Heathrow on 18 October 2003.
G-BPED Boeing 757-236

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Pictures 12 to 15
G-MIDR Airbus A320-232 of British Midland Airways (BMI) - Heathrow on 18 October 2003.
G-MIDR Airbus A320-232
OH-LZB Airbus A321-211 of Finnair - Heathrow on 18 October 2003.
OH-LZB Airbus A321-211
S2-ACR Douglas DC-10-30 of Biman Bangladesh Airlines - Heathrow on 18 October 2003.
S2-ACR Douglas DC-10-30
VP-BUZ Boeing 767-33P ER operated by Uzbekistan Airways - Heathrow on 18 October 2003.
VP-BUZ Boeing 767-33P ER

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All Photographs are Copyright of Caz Caswell 2003-2009

Album Notes by Caz Caswell:
These were my first efforts of shooting at airports since my return from Canada in 2001. I was spoilt with ramp access for almost 30 years, and this was going to take some getting use to.
My ramp access will provide great memories for sure, and many pictures from Canada with several from Gatwick will be easily spotted on this new site.
Its hard to believe now, how great Gatwick was for photography back in the 1960's and early 1970's when walking along the fingers meant being able to shoot nice and close pictures.
Heathrow too was not bad either, and good shots, albeit, a bit further away, could be had from the perimeter road of aircraft landing, or taking off.

On my return my first chance to shoot pictures at Gatwick was from the gallery, and sadly this disappeared very quickly. However I did manage to shoot a few pictures of Gatwick Runway 08R through the crash gate as aircraft held for their take off slot.

Heathrow, you are just as limited, but you can get some reasonable landing shots as seen in this gallery.

At Heathrow there are 2 main fields to shoot from; one by the housing estate [playing field] just up from Hatton Cross underground station for Runway 27L, and the other in a field just across from Stanwell Moor Road, is ideal for landing pictures on Runway 09L.
Another spot is by the roundabout near the British Airways hangars for landing shots for Runway 27R

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