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1970's London Heathrow Part 1 - The All Jet Album

5B-DAA Hawker Siddeley DH121/HS121 Trident 2E
of Cyprus Airways

5B-DAA Hawker Siddeley DH121/HS121 Trident 2E of Cyprus Airways - London Heathrow Airport

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1970-2009

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The pleasing shape of the Trident could not go unnoticed.
The Trident 2E was the first Stretch of the Trident and involved some major changes from the
Trident 1 (See Previous Photograph) . In comparison with the Trident 1, the 2E more than doubled the range from 930 miles to 2,000 miles and seating capacity from 97 to 128.
But there were negative aspects as even fitted with the most powerful of the Rolss Royce Spey Series, Hot and High take-off performance was not all it should have been (See: Notes associated with the previous photograph ).

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