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1970's London Gatwick Part 3 - The Jet Only Album

N4905C Douglas DC-8-55 of Capitol Air Lines

N4905C Douglas DC-8-55 of Capitol Air Lines - Capitol operated many varients of the DC-8 through Gatwick during the early to mid-1970's  - London Gatwick Airport

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1970-2009

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Capitol operated many variants of the DC-8 through Gatwick during the early to mid-1970's.

The charters operated included American Tourists to the Britain, but also VFR (Visiting Friends and Family) flight to the West Indies carrying British Citizens of Jamaican origin to visit Parents, Grandparents. Other Capitol Flights into the United Kingdom were to US Bases on Military Contract.

Capitol Air Lines is often confused with Capital Airlines a totally different company and type of operation!

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