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1970's London Gatwick Part 3 - The Jet Only Album

G-ARTA Vickers VC-10 Type 1109 of British United Airways
August 1970

G-ARTA Vickers VC-10 Type 1109 of British United Airways - August 1970  - London Gatwick Airport

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1970-2009

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Converted to production standard from the Vickers/BAC Prototype, to become the only 1109 Series and owned by Sir Feddie Laker. After conversion was initially used on a series of short leases, before being leased to and operated by British United Airways and thence Britiish Caledonian.

A heavy landing at Gatwick on the 28th January whilst on a ferry flight from Heathrow, damaged the Aircraft beyond economic repair, resulting in the Aircraft being broken up. See: G-ARTA London Gatwick 28 January 1972

For a more information on the career of this Aircraft see: G-ARTA - An Individual History which includes a small version of the above photograph.

Another Picture of G-ARTA from this Album:
G-ARTA Vickers VC-10 Type 1109 of British United Airways Taxying - July 1970

A Picture of G-ARTA being Broken up from the Mishaps Derelicts & Restoration Album:
G-ARTA VC-10 of British Caledonian being cut up in September 1975

Another Picture of a VC10 in this Album:
G-ARVF Vickers VC-10 Type 1101 of the United Arab Emirates Government - 27 April 1977

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