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1970's London Gatwick Part 3 - The Jet Only Album

G-AWEJ BAC One-Eleven 408EF of Channel Airways

G-AWEJ BAC One-Eleven 408EF of G-AWEJ BAC One-Eleven 408EF of Channel Airways  - London Gatwick Airport

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1970-2009

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Channel Airways ordered a total of three BAC One-Eleven 408EF Aircraft from BAC and the Aircraft pictured was the second delivered. BAC One-Eleven 408EF c/n 115 G-AWEJ made its Manufacturers Test Flight on the 01st May 1968 and was delivered to Channel Airways on the 10th May 1968.
The other new ordered aircraft being:
c/n 114 - G-AVGP, c/n 128 - G-AWKJ.

This Channel Airways colour scheme applied to the Channel 1-11 Aircraft would have suited all the Aircraft Types in its Fleet, the Comet in particular, would have looked good in this livery. However when buying Aircraft second-hand, the Airline tended to. at least initially to retain the previous operators colour scheme, just applying Channel Airways titles. The BAC 1-11 408EF Series Aircraft were bought new, but the colour scheme was inspired by those on the Vickers Viscounts Channel had acquired which had previously been operated by Continental Airlines in the USA. Although over time some other Channel Aircraft Types did adopt a similar Livery to its 1-11, or Viscounts, the patchwork of schemes continued until operations ceased in 1972.

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