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1970's London Gatwick Part 2 - Turboprops & Jets

5Y-ALT Bristol Type 175 Britannia 313
African Safari Airways

5Y-ALT Bristol Type 175 Britannia 313 of African Safari Airways  - London Gatwick Airport

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1970-2009

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Bristol Type 175 Britannia 313 c/n 13431 started with El Al and thence to the British Register as G-ASFU with British United Airways , before returning to El Al, moved to Globe Air and thence to African Safari Airways in December 1967

Other Pictures of Bristol Britannia Aircraft and Canadair Developments of the Britannia in this Album:
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G-AWGT Canadair Canadair CL-44 D4-1 of Tradewinds and 15924 Canadair CC-106 Yukon of 437 Squadron CAF

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The Swiss owned African Safari Airways was formed in 1967 and started operations in December of that year with the Aircraft Pictured. Britannia operations continued until late 1972 when the airline moved into all Jet Operations. Initially with Douglas
DC 8 Aircraft, then Douglas DC 10 Aircraft before switching to the Airbus A310.
Throughout the life of the Airline, all Aircraft operated with the Zebra Striped Tail as part of their livery. The Airline closed down Easter 2008. However the careful wording of its sister company African Safari Club's web site tends to indicate the 'door has been left open' for a future restart!

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African Safari Airways - African Safari Club Web Site

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Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust

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