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1970's London Gatwick Part 1 - Pistons & Turboprops

Balair - Douglas Aircraft Piston and Jet
HB-IBS Douglas DC-6B & HB-IDH Douglas DC-8-62CF

HB-IBS Douglas DC-6B (Converted from DC-6A) and HB-IDH Douglas DC-8-62CF of Balair photographed from the Lakers Maintenance Area - 12 April 1977  - London Gatwick Airport

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1977-2008

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This Photograph with Balair's immaculate Douglas DC-6B, the last still on the Balair Fleet, which by the date of the Photograph was effectively the Balair Historic Flight, only being used for speciality Charters.

It is fair to say that the Engineers, Flight Deck, Cabin Crew and ancillary staff involved with the DC-6B were immensely proud of this Aircraft.

The Douglas DC-8-62CF pictured was one of three DC-8 Aircaft operated by Balair, the others being DC-8-55F HB=IDU and Douglas DC-8-63PF HB-IDZ. Like all Aircraft in the Balair Fleet the DC-8s were not only serviced to the highest standards but livery and cabin interiors were maintained to standards that put most other Airlines to shame!

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Brief history of : HB-IBS
Built as a Douglas DC-6A (Factory Fitted Main Deck Freight Door) and imported into the UK by Northern Aircraft Operating Company in June 1958 and registered G-APNO. Almost immediately put into operation by Hunting Clan Air Transport and then on the formation of British United Airways , in BUA Livery. G-APNO.

Sold to Balair on the 11 January 1969 as HB-IBS. As Balair moved into Jet Operations, the DC-6 Aircraft were moved into speciality charters, or leased operations, before being disposed of by Sale, Accident, or Scrapping. HB-IBS was not only retained but was converted from its original DC-6A build to DC-6B Standard by removing the Douglas installed Freight Door and Fittings and refitting the frames and re-skinning.

Now Permanently configured to an all Passenger Variant the Aircraft was operated as a Historic Flight Speciality Charter Aircraft (and did extremely well).

Eventually the Aircraft was retired from commercial operation and was finally sold to to Conair Aviation of Canada in 1982 as C-GIBS and converted into a Water Bomber and remains currently registered with them in 2008 the Aircraft's 50th Anniversary.

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Brief history of : HB-IDH
Delivered new to Swissair as HB-IDH. Aircraft was a convertible passenger/cargo version It was leased to Balair from 1976 to 1978. In 1981 it was sold to the Peruvian Air Force, where it flew as FAP371 and OB-1373 when it and was Presidential Aircraft. At time of writing it is stored in Lima.

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