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Wardair - A Pictorial Tribute

A tribute to Maxwell William Ward and his great Canadian Airline

Pictures 1 to 4
CF-DJB - Fox Moth at YYZ - 08 Nov 1978 © Caz Caswell 1978
CF-DJB - DH83C Fox Moth
CF-ITF - De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter In Flight - DHC PR
CF-ITF - DHC-3 Otter *
C-FCOL - Gulfstream 1 at YZF 1978
C-FCOL - Gulfstream 1
CF-FUN Boeing 727-11C finals LGW 1970
CF-FUN - Boeing 727-11C

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Pictures 5 to 8
C-FZYP - Boeing 707-396C 04 Nov 1978 YYZ
C-FZYP - Boeing 707-396C
CF-WAD - Bristol 170 MK31 Freighter 31 July 1974 YEG
CF-WAD - Bristol Freighter *
C-FFUN - Boeing 747-124 at Night 1982 YYZ
C-FFUN - Boeing 747-124 *
C-GXVG-X  De Havilland Canada DHC-7-102C 09 Mar 1979 YZD
C-GXVG-X - DHC-7-102C

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Pictures 9 to 12
Three Boeing 747s at YYZ 1985
A Trio of 747s
C-GXRC Douglas DC-10-30 at YYZ 1983
C-GXRC - Douglas DC-10-30
C-GVYX  De Havilland Canada DHC-4A
C-GIZN - A300C4-203 on finals
C-GIZN - A300C4-203

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Pictures 13 to 15
C-GBWD A310-304 of Wardair take off YYZ 03 Sept 1989
C-GIZN - A300C4-203
Marjorie Ward pose in front of Fox Moth CF-DJB
Max & Marjorie Ward
Max Ward Speaking at the National Aviation Museum Canada 1989
The dedication

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Caz Caswell Writes:
My tribute to yet another great airline, that I had the pleasure to work for; but this time, on the other side of the Atlantic. (See Laker Airways - A Pictorial Tribute for my first Airline Job)

Mr. Ward also had the same flair as Sir Freddie, to provide the very best, also at lowest cost.
Mr. Wards exploits with the Canadian Government are well documented. Despite the woes Independent Carriers suffered in both Canada and the UK, Wardair became a major force in both the Charter and Schedule Service Markets. But as is so often the case this resulted in a massive debt burden.

The difficulties with the Government, the Servicing of the Debt, exacerbated by IT Problems withe the CRS, all conspired against Wardair. With the result they were unable to continue carrying on the fight and they were taken over by PWA International and then abosrbed into Canadian Airlines ..

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Photographs Marked *:

Picture 3 - De Havilland Canada Publicity Photograph from the 1950's
Picture 6 - Wardair PR
Picture 7 - Wardair PR

Except where stated all Photographs are Copyright of Caz Caswell

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