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Canadian Airlines of the Past

C-FICQ Fokker F100 of Intair
Toronto Pearson International Airport - 27 September 1991

C-FICQ Fokker F100 of  Intair at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)- 27 September 1991 © Caz Caswell 1991

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1991-2008

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Notes by Douglas Holland and Caz Caswell:

Picture Notes and Fokker F100 Link

Intair Notes:
Intair Formation and Operation  -  Error Rectified and Intair Fades Away  -  Related Pictures and Notes

Picture Notes and Fokker F100 Link
The above photograph was taken after Intair ceased operations. The Aircraft however lingered on the Canadian Register until it was delivered to Air UK as G-UKFE on the 3 December 1992.

For more about the Fokker F100 see: Fokker F100 - Wikipedia Entry

Intair Formation and Operation
In September 1989 it was announced that Inter-Canadien (See: Inter-Canadien 737-219 and associated Inter-Canadien Notes ) would become Intair Airlines and that the Canadian Airlines International (CAI) Commercial Agreement would be terminated. In addition the CAI Stake in the Airline would be sold to the other Shareholders in the Consortium that owned

Included in the deal was that Intair would takeover Lignes Aeriennes Inter-Quebec (which was a separate entity within Inter-Canadien) and almost all of it assets.

Intair became a reality on the 18th October 1989 and on formation the Intair Fleet was made up of seven Fokker 100 , all leased from International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), six AT42s and eight Fairchild Metros. These operating an extensive route network of scheduled passenger and cargo services within Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, serving a total of 36 destinations.

In addition, and although never operated by Intair Airlines the Lignes Aeriennes Inter-Quebec inventory included Piper and Cessna Aircraft inherited from Quebec Aviation when Inter-Canadien was formed, plus the Convair CV-580 Aircraft on contract to Quebec Hydro and a single Lockheed L188 Electra (originally part of the Nordair Fleet - See Nordair 737 Picture and associated Detailed Nordair Notes ). The Electra was later transferred to Intair Corporation (parent company of Intair Airlines after change of ownership completed). The Electra continued to be operated by Canadian Airlines on Ice Patrol Duties and along with a sister aircraft that had NOT been transferred to Intair. When the Ice Patrol contract ended the Electra was leased to other operators.

Operations continued through 1990 with little change, except Metro Operations declined during the year of the year and although as far as I can discover they remained part of the Lignes Aeriennes Inter-Quebec inventory, Metro Aircraft had ceased to be operated by Intair by the end of 1990.
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Error Rectified and Intair Fades Away
It is probably safe to say that both Canadian Airlines International and the Owners of Intair realised that the termination of the Commercial Agreement had been a terrible mistake. The Route Network after all had been developed to serve as a feeder for Canadian Airlines International Mainline Operations and although Interline Passenger transfers were still happening, the lack of timetable integrtion and commercial planning was not satisfactory. From the Intair viewpoint, not being tied into a major Carriers back office and support functions was making it difficult commercially.

During 1990 Canadian Airlines International had formed Canadian Regional Airlines to look are its Canadian Partner Interests (covering Commuter Airlines it owned, or had a minority holding, and/or commercial Agreement) and in 1991 Negotiations were started between Intair Corporation and Canadian Regional on taking a major stake in Intair.

The result of these talks was that in June 1991 Canadian Regional Airlines took a 70% Controlling stake in Intair Airline.

In July the company was restructured as Inter-Canadien(1991) Inc and Intair as a brand began to fade as the AT42 Aircraft were repainted in Inter-Canadien Colours. The Fokker F100 Operations continued as Intair through August, but the fleet was being returned to the leasing company and operations on these Aircraft gradually ceased, On the 1st September 1991 Intair was no more, but as can be seen from the above photograph the name lingered on. The Intair Livery remained on the parked F100 Aircraft until new lessors could be found.

Inter-Canadien(1991) continued until late 1989 (see 1991 - Rebirth of Inter-Canadien (1991) Inc and subsequent sections in Inter-Canadien Notes ).
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