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Canadian Airlines of the Past

C-GGCS Douglas C-47B of Millardair
Toronto Pearson International Airport - 10 October 1982

C-GGCS Douglas C-47B of Millardair at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) - 10 October 1982 © Caz Caswell 1982

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1982-2008

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Douglas Holland Notes:
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Carl Millard and Millardair Notes
Carl Millard formed Carl Millard Limited in 1954, and it was not until 1962 that the name Millardair was adopted for the Airline Operation. Milardair was based in Toronto, Canada. Operations began using the Douglas DC-3. The main business was flying automotive parts and other cargo. In 1970 the DC-3s were used to fly passengers and in 1972 the Douglas DC-4 joined the company. The DC-3s were exchanged for Douglas C-117 Super Dakota and operations continued until finding slots at Toronto airport became difficult, coupled with other regulatory difficulties and Airline operations ceased on 31 May 1990. `

Caz Caswell and Douglas Holland Add:
The History of Millardair is inseparable from its owner, CEO and President, Carl Millard was born in November 1913 and died in November 2006, at 93.

Carl Millard was born to fly and his last flight was in his own Cessna Citation when he was 85. The flight was a check to renew his instrument rating, which he passed!. He was within the confines of his own ambition a successful Business Man also he neither 'suffered fools, or officialdom gladly'. `

This meant his relationship with Transport Canada was at best one of an uneasy truce, but with periods of what can only be described as open defiance. `
Sometimes this led to a 'slap on the wrist' but finally the deteriorating relationship between Transport Canada and Carl Millard was one of the primary reasons why Millardair was forced to cease Airline Operations. With Carl sighting 'Excessive Red Tape'. Millardair remained in business providing Hangarage Services.
Up to a couple of Months before his death, Carl retained an interest in the Business (which was now run by his sone Wayne).

There are lot of stories about Carl Millard both as a Pilot and his 'hobby of butting of heads' with Transport Canada. But it is as an outstanding pilot he should be remembered and the first to 'dead-stick land' a Commercial Jet.

To summarise this incident: - Carl was flying a Hansa Jet between St John's and Toronto with 10 Passengers on a Night Flight in December 1973. The Aircraft was in cruise overhead Moncton when both engines failed (later found to be contaminated fuel).
The now gliding Hansa Jet entered Cloud at 30,000 feet and only broke through the cloud base at a mere 200 feet above the ground, but in snow. Despite these cumulative problems. due to Carl's skill the Hansa Jet was lined up with the runway at Moncton Airport as it broke cloud, with the result that the Aircraft made a safe landing!
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