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Canadian Airlines of the Past - Part 1

C-GCDG Boeing 737-2E1(F) of  CanAir Cargo
Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) - 30 May 1994

C-GCDG Boeing 737-2E1(F) of  CanAir Cargo  at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)  - 30 May 1994 © Caz Caswell 1994

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1994-2008

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Douglas Holland and Caz Caswell Note:
Founded in 1990, CanAir Cargo started with a Curtis C-46, but rapidly became a major operator of Convair CV-580 Aircraft (operating a total of 18).

In 1992 CanAir Cargo launched a Joint Venture with Voyageur Airways to form Nolinor Aviation, initially to provide movement of Personnel for Mining Companies. Several CanAir Cargo CV-580 Aircraft were transferred to the new Airline during the start-up phase of the Joint Venture. Nolinor Aviation having evolved and adapted, continues to be successful today, having dropped any connection with its founders and their successors in 1999.

Unlike Jetall (see previous picture) CanAir Cargo operated on a much sounder commercial basis for much of its life and although most of its business was Cargo, some Convair CV-580's remained in Passenger configuration, during the early 1990's.
However like Jetall, it saw a need to move into to Jet Operations and other than a failed attempt to purchase a Boeing 727-225F, the Airline used various Freighter Models of the Boeing 737 200 Series for its Cargo Business.

Jet operations commenced on the 1st of April 1994, with the delivery of C-GDCC and the subject of the above picture C-GCDG, both Boeing 737-2E1(F).

Late the same year (November 1994), CanAir 'dipped its toes' into Passenger operations with a winter lease of Boeing 737-4Q8 TC-AFA from Pegasus Airlines . The Aircraft being returned at the end of April 1995.
For the the next two winters 1995/1996 and 1996/1997 CanAir became a Winter Only Passenger Charter Operator, with the two Airbus A320-211 Aircraft leased in for the season and painted in normal Canair livery, but dropping Cargo from the titles. For more details of these operations see: G-OALA (subject of the next picture)

Whilst these forays were probably important and profitable, the real business of the Airline remained Cargo and Autumn of 1995 the 737 Cargo fleet expanded again, with three 737-200 Freighters of various sub-types being acquired in two months (October/November 1996).

What was to be the last Cargo 737 to join the fleet, arrived in May 1996 bringing the total to 6 Aircraft. CanAir now had substantial Network of overnight services

So by mid-1996 CanAir now had 6 Boeing 737 Freighters, 7 Convair CV-580 and a single Shorts 330-100, but more importantly from a commercial viewpoint it had a substantial Network of overnight freight services and a revenue which at the end of 1996 amounted to C$49 Million.

In August 1997 Royal Aviation acquired the CanAIr Assets and integrated the Boeing 737 Cargo Aircraft and associated route Network into its operating subsidiary Royal Airlines See: C-FNAQ Boeing 737-242C of Royal Airlines So on the 24 August 1997, CanAir passed into history.

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