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Canadian Airlines of the Past - Part 1

C-GJPX Bae Jetstream J31 of Ontario Express a Canadian Partner Airline
Toronto Pearson International Airport - 23 January 1990

C-GJPX Bae Jetstream J31 of Ontario Express a Canadian Partner Airline at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) - 23 January 1990 © Caz Caswell 1990

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1990-2008

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Notes by Caz Caswell and Douglas Holland:
Ontario Express (OEL) History Summary  -  Bae Jetstream Links  -  Related Pictures and Notes

Ontario Express (OEL) History Summary
Ontario Express Limited (OEL) was founded in 1988. In June 1989 the company took over Frontier Air , but continued to operate it as a separate entity even when it became a Canadian Partner and was renamed Canadian Frontier.

During 1990 the company started to experience problems exacerbated by higher fuel prices and the other effects of the 1st Gulf War. In the same timescale it began to introduce the Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia into the fleet.
Worse was to come as the Brasilia did not turn out to be correct aircraft to meet the companies requirements and coupled with the ongoing 'Gulf War effect' the overall situation continued to decline.

In January 1991 the company assets in the form of the route network and the fleet, with the exception of the EMB 120 aircraft were bought by Canadian Regional Airlines , itself a subsidiary of Canadian Airlines International (CAI)

The new owners revitalized Ontario Express and the first change was the full integration of Canadian Frontier in March 1991, followed in May 1991 by Ontario Express commencing takeover talks with Air Toronto (see Air Toronto Notes ). These talks continued through the Air Toronto Collapse and an Air Canada counter bid for Air Toronto and dragged on through the rest of 1991.

Canadian Regional Airlines retained Ontario Express as a separate operation with its own Livery Titles until April 1993, when along with Time Air, it was re-branded as Canadian Regional Airlines. But for legal reasons both companies remained separate entities until July 1998!

In 2001 the Canadian Regional Airlines operation was merged with others to form Air Canada Jazz

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