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Canadian Airlines of the Past - Part 1

C-GFAD Beechcraft 1900C of Frontier Air
Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT) - 27 March 1990

C-GFAD Beechcraft 1900C of Frontier Air at Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT) - 27 March 1990 © Caz Caswell 1990

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1990-2008

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Notes by Caz Caswell and Douglas Holland with additional information from Rob Mauracher
(any errors are ours not Rob's):

Frontier was formed in 1978 with its main base at Timmins Airport (since May 2007 Timmins Victor M. Power Airport ), with operations from both Timmins and Thunderbay International.

Frontier was taken over by Ontario Express June 1989, however operations continued under Frontier control, but change was on the way.

After the arrival of the first Beechcraft 1900C Aircraft in January 1990 (also the first of its type on the Canadian Register), the operation was audited by Canadian, subsequently Frontier became a Canadian Partner and this resulted in a legal change to both operational and branding name to Canadian Frontier.

To reflect the new status the Aircraft were gradually repainted in full Canadian Partners Livery with Canadian Frontier titles (which means the above photograph is one of last to be taken in Frontier Livery).

In the same timeframe the Company moved from Head Quarters from Timmins Airport to Thunder Bay International Airport and operations subsequently centred on routes fanning out from this Airport.

Canadian Frontier was fully merged with the parent company Ontario Express in March 1991 and gradually the Aircraft Titles were changed to Ontario Express, so by January 1992 the last link with the original company finally disappeared.

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