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British Airlines of the Past

G-APWC Handley Page Herald 101 & G-AGRN Vickers Viking 1B
of Autair at Luton (LTN) - March 1968

G-APWC Handley Page Herald 101 and G-AGRN  Vickers Viking 1B of Autair at Luton (LTN) - March 1968 © Caz Caswell 1968

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1968-2008

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Douglas Holland Writes:
Originally named Autair (Luton) Ltd and later Autair International Airways, was formed in 1960. It started operations in 1961 with one Douglas DC-3 used on contract work for other operators. More DC-3 aircraft and Vickers Vikings were bought and the airline operated both freight and passenger services and inclusive tours.
The Airspeed Ambassador was introduced in 1963 and a leased Handley Page Herald was also used.
In October 1963 the airline commenced scheduled services between Blackpool and Luton. In the following years the piston-engined aircraft types were withdrawn and replaced with turboprop types (the Hawker Siddeley 748 and the Handley Page Herald).

In 1966 the Court Line Shipping Company took a controlling interest in the airline.
Further scheduled services within the United Kingdom were operated with the Heralds and five BAC One-Eleven 400 series jets were introduced to operate the inclusive tour flights.
In October 1969 the schedules services were stopped and the turboprop aircraft sold, the airline also ordered the bigger 500 series version of the BAC One-Eleven.
The arrival of the BAC 1-11 500 signalled the re-branding of Autair on the 1 January 1970 to: Court Line see:
G-BAAA Lockheed L1011 of Court Line in this album.

Source: Court Line - Wikipedia Entry

For more about the Vickers Viking see:
Vickers Viking - Wikipedia Entry

For more about the Handley Page Herald see:
Handley Page Dart Herald - Wikipedia Entry

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