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British Airlines of the Past

G-APTD Vickers Viscount 833 of of British United Airways
London Gatwick - 1969

G-APTD Vickers Viscount 833 of British United Airways (BUA) sat London Gatwick (LGW) - 1969 © Caz Caswell 1969

Photographic Copyright Caz Caswell © 1969-2008

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Douglas Holland Notes:
There is no way I can summarize the British United Airways Story in a footnote to a Picture. Too many strands (BUA, BUAF, BUIA, BUA Hovercraft, BUA Helicopters, the temporary resurrection of Britavia, larger than life personalities (e.g. Freddie Laker, Alan Bristow, the Cazyer Family). I hope one day soon someone will produce a Book(s) that does Air Holdings/BUA Story justice. Meanwhile to learn more about BUA see:

British United Airways - Wikipedia Entry
The following British Caledonian Airways Tribute Sites also cover BUA to some extent
British Caledonian Airways A Tribute - Dave Thaxter and BCAL Reunited - Tom Boyle

In this Album see: G-AYZZ Boeing 707-323 of Caledonian-BUA at London Gatwick (LGW)
and the associated picture notes: Caledonian plus BUA equals Caledonian//BUA

As for the other BUA Companies see:

British United Island Airways - Wikipedia Entry
and related in this album:
G-APWF Handley Page Herald 201 of British Island Airways (BIA) and
G-AGJV Douglas C-47A of Air Anglia at Greenham Common and
G-AMHJ Douglas C47A of Morton Air Services

British United Air Ferries - Wikipedia Entry and
British World Airlines Company History - From Silver City through BUAF and BAF to BWA.
and related in this album:
G-ASKG Aviation Traders ATL98 Carvair of British Air Ferries

British United Airways Hovercraft - Mike Kemble

For more on the Vickers Viscount see:
Vickers Viscount Network
Vickers Viscount Net Banner and Link

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