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The British Aircraft Corporation One Eleven Album

A tribute to a Great British Airliner the BAC 1-11

Slideshow and Pictures 1 to 3
Slideshow of: The British Aircraft Corporation One Eleven ©Caz Caswell 1968-2008
BAC 1-11 Slideshow
G-AXMG One-Eleven 518FG of Monarch at LGW on12 April 1977
G-AXMG One-Eleven 518FG
G-AWEJ One-Eleven 408EF of Channel Airways at LGW in August 1970
G-ATPK BAC 1-11 301AG
G-AZEB One-Eleven 518FG of Court Line at CAG on 11 June 19726 © Caz Caswell 1976
G-AZEB One-Eleven 518FG

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Pictures 4 to 7
G-ATTP One-Eleven 207AJ of Dan-Air at LGW in May 1973
G-ATTP One-Eleven 207AJ
G-BCWA One-Eleven 518FG of Dan-Air at LGW in May 1975
G-BCWA One-Eleven 518FG
C6-BDJ One-Eleven 401AK of Bahamasair at MIA on 14 Dec 1982
C6-BDJ One-Eleven 401AK
EI-BWL One-Eleven 201AC Registered to GPA ex Braniff at MCO on 14 April 1990
EI-BWL One-Eleven 201AC

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Pictures 8 to 11
G-AVGP One-Eleven 408EL of British Airways at LGW on 30 May 1979
G-AVGP One-Eleven 408EL
N97KR One-Eleven 201AC of Kenny Rogers at YYZ on 06 June 1981
N97KR One-Eleven 201AC
N1130J One-Eleven 215AU of Allegheny at YYZ on 04 September 1978
N1130J One-Eleven 215AU (1)
N1130J One-Eleven 215AU  of Allegheny at YYZ on 20 October 1979
N1130J One-Eleven 215AU (2)

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Pictures 12 to 15
N1127J One-Eleven 204AF of USAir at YYZ on 22 November 1979
N1127J One-Eleven 204AF
HZ-AB1 One-Eleven 414EG Operated by Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim at MCO on 13 September 1992
HZ-AB1 One-Eleven 414EG
G-AXBB One-Eleven 409AY of BIA at LGW on 30 May 1979
G-AXBB One-Eleven 409AY
N107EX One-Eleven 201AC of Pacific Express at LAX on 04 June 1983
N107EX One-Eleven 201AC

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Pictures 16 to 18
5N-BBP One-Eleven 520FN of Albaka stored at Luqa [MLA] on 03 June 2004
5N-BBP One-Eleven 520FN
G-AVBX One-Eleven 302AZ of Laker Airways at LGW in March 1975
G-AVBX One-Eleven 302AZ
G-AWWX One-Eleven 509EW of Caledonian/BUA in Caledonian Titles at LGW in 1971
G-AWWX One-Eleven 509EW

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Caz Caswell Writes:
A pleasing looking jet airliner which lent itself to many colour schemes Very successful in the short to medium range airliners market, & a favourite by those charter companies that operated them Several British Independents, notably British Eagles leased 1-11's to several europan majors; SAS, Swissair. KLM.etc , but they never were never chosen as the as a fleet aircraft by those carriers.

Douglas Holland Adds:
Whilst the 200, 300 and 400 Series 1-11's were very reliable aircraft with Despatch Reliability at least equal to the competition, the 500 Series stretch was not.

Although a very safe aircraft there were flaws in the design resulting in Air Systems Failures caused by hose coupling disconnecting (which was, due its location a really difficult job to fix as a line maintenance item as it required Engineers who were both double jointed and had eyes on stalks), the other main problem being CSD Shaft Failures on Start-up. This resulted in either a very long delay, or an Aircraft Change.

These should, and indeed would have been resolved if the 1-11 had continued to be developed beyond the 500 series. Despite some detailed planning for new series it was not to be, and so it was left to the DC9 and MD successors to capture the long term market. This despite the initial DC9-10 Series being inferior to the BAC1-11 200 series equivalent and thus giving BAC a head start.

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