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The Boeing 737 Album

A tribute to a Great Airliner that has been in production since 1967

Slideshow and Pictures 1 to 3
Slideshow of: Boeing 737 ©Caz Caswell 1981-2008
Boeing 737 Slideshow
4L-TGT Boeing 737-4Q8 of Georgian Airlines st Frankfurt (FRA) 06 August 2005
4L-TGT B737-4Q8
4X-EKE Boeing 737-758 of EL AL Israel Airlines at ZRH 11 September 2004
4X-EKE B737-758
7T-VJP Boeing 737-8D6 of Air Algerie  at London Heathrow (LHR) 02 July 2005
7T-VJP B737-8D6

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Pictures 4 to 7
GCF-CPV Boeing 737-217 of CP Air  at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) 15th May 1981
CF-CPV B737-217
CF-NAH Boeing 737-242C of Nordair at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) 31st March 1984
CF-NAH B737-242C
CF-NAQ Boeing 737-242C of Royal Aviation Express  at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) 02nd February 1988
CF-NAQ B737-242C
D-ABIB Boeing 737-530 of Lufthansa  at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) 29th August 2005
D-ABIB B737-530

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Pictures 8 to 11
D-AHFN Boeing 737-8K5 of Hapag-Lloyd  at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) 07th August 2005
D-AHFN B737-8K5
EC-ING Boeing 737-683 of Air Europa  at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) 12th July 2003
EC-ING B737-683
EI-BXD Boeing 737-448 of Aer Lingus  at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) 04th October 2003
EI-BXD B737-448
G-EZJA Boeing 737-73V of easyJet at London Gatwick Airport (LGW) 12th July 2003
G-EZJA B737-73V

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Pictures 12 to 15
HA-LOP Boeing 737-7Q8 of Malev at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) 29th August 2005
HA-LOP B737-7Q8
LY-AGZ Boeing 737-524 of Lithuanian Airlines at Amsterdam Schipol Airport (AMS) 03rd July 2004
LY-AGZ B737-524
N415PE Boeing 737-130 of PEOPLExpress Airlines at Buffalo Niagara International Airport(BUF) 18th October 1981
N415PE B737-130
N472GB Boeing 737-159 of AirCal (Forrmerly branded Air California) at Los Angeles International Airport(LAX) 06th June 1983
N472GB B737-159

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Pictures 16 to 19
OY-KKI Boeing 737-783 of SAS Braathens at London Heathrow 29th August 2005
OY-KKI B737-783
PH-BDW Boeing 737-406 of KLM at London Heathrow (LHR) 29th August 2005
PH-BDW B737-406
PH-BXT Boeing 737-9K2 of KLM at Amsterdam Sciphol (AMS) 04th July 2004
PH-BXT B737-9K2
UR-GAQ Boeing 737-33R of Ukraine International Airlines at Frankfurt (FRA) 07th August 2005
UR-GAQ Boeing 737-33R

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Pictures 20 and 21
YR-BGC Boeing 737-38J of TAROM at Frankfurt (FRA) 06th August 2005
YR-BGC B737-38J
YV-406C Boeing 737-130 of Asia Aviation Service leased to SAVAR at Miami International Airport (MIA) 12th December 1982
YV-406C B737-130

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Caz Caswell Writes:
The Boeing 737 Airliner that has been in production since 1967, making it the most successful selling commercial airliner of all time. I remember seeing the Britannia ones at Gatwick in the late 60's wearing the old Bristol Britannia scheme, now that is really some record for an airliner. Today we have them up to the series 900 and it amazes me that this fuselage has been lengthened and shortened beyond what I thought possible. It still provides a major contribution to Boeings order books today.

One thing I can still not come to terms with is the removal of the Boeing trademark 'eyebrow' windows above the cockpit. The Eyebrow’s consisting of four small windows above the cockpit to assist crews with visual look-out whilst in-flight, have been a feature of Boeing Commercial Aircraft since the 707.

For the 737 these were no longer installed in new aircraft from late January 2005 as Boeing consider that the advanced navigation systems have made those windows obsolete. Although only saving around 10kgs (20 pounds) in Weight of the completed aircraft, by not having them fitted has an ongoing saving of 300 hours in periodic inspections! Boeing are therefore offering operators of older Aircraft, retro-fit kits to cover the windows.


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