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About My Web Site

General Information, Copyright & Usage, Links & Linking and A Little History

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My Site - General Information
I am partnered with AirTeamImages (ATI) for the Commercial Exploitation of My work and My Photographs are published, with my permission on Web Sites ranging from the large aviation photographic databases , through to sites dedicated to a single Airline, or Aircraft Type, for example: The Beverley Association . Some of these sites have hundred's of my Photographs, some only one, or two, but none of them display (or ever will) more than very tiny fraction of my ever expanding photographic library stretching from the mid-1960's to the present day (My Slide Library alone, has in excess of 55,000 images).

The objective (almost certainly unattainable) of the Caz Caswell's Aviation Photographs site is to provide a showcase for my photographs, from the earliest days, to the ever moving present in a form optimised for the web, but that does not compromise commercial opportunities for my work.

Because of the massive back catalogue of photographs, coupled with 'albums' of new pictures being taken most weekends during the summer and whenever time allows, plus major constraints on my time, the site will always be both a work in progress and from my viewpoint always 'far behind the curve' in terms of the volume of pictures I want to post on it.

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A Little History - My Sites and their evolution
In the beginning, well OK April 2002, whilst I had posted Photographs to various photographic databases, I had no personal site!

Then Sarah Ward (Whom Douglas Holland considers the most important person in the development of Airline History on the web), stepped in.
Sarah somehow fitted in some time and created my original site, with the objective that once it was built, I could maintain it myself (unfortunately her faith in me proved misplaced)! This original site still exists and can be found here: Caz's Aviation Photo Gallery

The Site remained 'static' through to 2004, when I changed my ISP and also obtained my own UK Domain on 1&1 Hosting. Once more Sarah stepped in and completely regenerated and extended the content for my 'shiny new site'

Sarah also with a great deal of patience taught me what I need to know to develop and maintain the site myself.
To a large extent, her efforts were in vain, as due lack of time (I am permanently over committed) updates were so sporadic, that I gradually forgot the techniques Sarah so patiently taught me. This resulted in at first frustration and then with so many other demands on my time a loss of interest! So after one last 'successful' update (others were attempted for a while) in December 2004, the site remained static.

Although from 2006 I have maintained a semblance of an active Web Presence in my Caz's Gallery a Photo Blog , it is primarily for family and my other interests, outside Aviation and although there is some aviation material, it is not the correct forum to best display my aviation collection, but there appeared no alternative.

Then a friend, Douglas Holland, stumbled over the site when researching an article and eventually asked why I wasn't maintaining it!
I explained the sorry tale and he agreed to assist me in regenerating the site. This offer did not just rekindle my interest, but positively fired my enthusiasm with a new outlook, new ideas and with Douglas' assistance the site will not only be regularly maintained, but become the primary public showcase of my Aviation Photographs Collection.

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Copyright & Usage

  Statement         Personal Use         Webmaster Republishing         Electronic & Print Media         Un-Authorised Usage  

Copyright & Usage Statement
Except where specifically stated, photographs on the site are Copyright of Caz Caswell and must NOT be republished on the Web, or in other Media, Electronic, or Printed without MY express permission.
The photographs which are NOT my Copyright can only be republished with the permission of the current copyright owner!

Personal Use
Downloading a Photograph for strictly Personal Use is fine and I have NOT implemented any measurers to impede this (despite the risk of potential unauthorised republishing)

Republishing for Webmasters
Whilst permission to republish is neither automatic, and certainly not guaranteed, I am very sympathetic to the needs of Webmasters, especially those covering a specific Airport, Airline, Aircraft Type, Squadron, or those with Charitable Status.
If the republishing is to the same resolution and size as on my site, then things tend to be 'simpler' and you can skip the next paragraph.

If however you are requesting High Resolution and/or Larger Size(s), then before even considering contacting me check My work on the AirTeamImages (ATI) Site. If the Photograph, or Photographs are in the ATI Portfolio you must route your request through them!

Assuming there is NO ATI involvement, then when contacting me to request permission to republish, one, or more photographs on your site, please ensure you include the following in your email

Although detailed in any email granting permission to republish, please ensure any of my Pictures that are posted on your site are fully attributed. This to include Copyright Information and normally a link to this site on the page with each photograph, or at least a Link in your sites Link Page.
(See Links & Linking Section below).

Republishing Other Types of Electronic, or Print Media
Before even considering contacting me check that the picture, or pictures do NOT form part of My work on the AirTeamImages (ATI) Site. If the Photograph, or Photographs are in the ATI Portfolio you must route your request through them!

Assuming there is NO ATI involvement, then when contacting me to request permission to republish, please provide details of intended use, resolution and size required for each photograph. If permission is granted and that may include payment of fee, or fees, title to the copyright remains with me and the granted usage in non-exclusive.

Un-Authorised Republishing on Web Sites
Well I cannot stop you and you may think the Web sphere is so huge I'll never know!
It may take a while, but surprisingly from experience I will eventually find out!

But what could I do, even if I discover you have stolen my work?
Well whilst litigation, even if your site is in a country with reasonable copyright protection, would only benefit the lawyers. But Aviation Photographers are a 'clannish' lot and if you have stolen from me, you certainly have from others. So in addition to 'Naming and Shaming' you and your site in my Site News, I will spread the word and you may find your being blacklisted across the world.
So why not ask permission, you know it's the right thing to do.

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Links & Linking

  Linking to My Site         Reciprocal Links  

Linking to My Site If with permission, you republish one, or more of my Photographs on your site, then as part of the permission a link back to my site will be required.
(See Republishing for Webmasters Section above).
However Webmasters who do not use my pictures also seem more than willing to add my site to their links page.
To assist, I have provided my link details, in the form of one text link and two image based links with sample code.
Most of you have your own 'house style' for Links and therefore I do not expected the sample code to be used as is! However I have highlighted the key elements:

Text Link:

<a href=""target="_blank">
Caz Caswell's Aviation Photographs

Half Banner Image Link: Download the Half Banner Image Below and place in the same folder as your other Links images.

Caz Caswell Link Half Banner

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="http://your.domain/images/caz-banners.gif"width="234" height="60"
border="0" alt="Caz Caswell's Aviation Photographs"></a>

Banner Image Link: Download the Banner Image Below and place in the same folder as your other Links images.

Caz Caswell Link Banner

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="http://your.domain/images/caz-bannerl.gif"width="468" height="60"
border="0" alt="Caz Caswell's Aviation Photographs"></a>

Reciprocal Links
The short answer is that I almost always refuse Reciprocal Links requests.

My Links pages are very much an addendum to my site and I am determined they should remain 'small and perfectly formed'.
In the main they are friends sites, or sites which I personally use an awful lot and in Miscellaneous links, a small number of suppliers I use, that are so good, they deserve to be included.
External Links on Album Pages are always connected directly with that album and entirely at my discretion.

If your site is aviation oriented and you want to spread the word about it, then I recommend you submit you URL and Title of the Site to:
Howard Curtis' AirNet Web Site
If your 'bold and fearless' and are able to handle rejection, then try contacting my friend Douglas Holland, who if he likes your site and is feeling in a generous mood (this could be a major problem) may include it in the appropriate links section of his site.

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